About Katie and Joe


The Jackson Faction was established in 2009 by way of wedding vows in the great state of Minnesota.  Katie hails from the aforementioned land of nice and Joe grew up (among friends) in Wisconsin.  A deep breath and a leap brought these Northerners to the University of Southern Mississippi where they first met.  Since then,  they’ve come together in Rolla, MO where they both work for a university. These two love to learn and as a result, have  pursued more academic degrees than are probably necessary — four bachelor’s, three master’s and a doctorate, to be exact.

Joe is an above average finder of fixes — he once fixed a wireless printer by cooking the motherboard in a pizza oven.  He has a high affinity for golf, NASCAR, documentaries, and his cat Carl. And he’ s got a black belt in keeping in real.

Katie goes after most things like she’s had too much coffee.  She can generally be spotted shoehorning her days with running, lunch dates, and shopping for unnecessary additions to her high heel collection.  Don’t offer her your rulebook — long hair, don’t care.


Harriet Harper joined the faction in 2015.  Affectionately known as Hattie, she was named after Hattiesburg, Mississippi — the city where her parents first met!  She’s likes to eat, clap, and take naps with Mom and Dad!