Day 4: Oslo

Good evening! It’s was our final full day in Oslo. We hit the road for Stavanger in the morning. We started our the day at Vingeland Park — an amazing sculpture garden commissioned by Gustav Vingeland. The volume of Gustav’s work makes me think he was compulsive in his work or perhaps he had more of a supervisory role in getting things done. The park covers several acres and includes at least a hundred, larger than life sculptures of people at all stages of life.

Vingeland Park

We also visited his museum where we got to learn more about his planning and the process he used to create the bronze works.

Next, we visited the Oslo City museum, which was just okay. Not being from Norway, I had trouble distinguishing how this place was really different from the Norwegian Folk museum. In concept, I assumed it would focus on Oslo, but in reality, what stuck out to me was more popular culture and 80’s and 90’s history. We grabbed lunch from Deli de Luca at the recommendation of Rick Steve’s (love Rick!) Joe say this place reminded him of Quik Trip without the gas, which was a pretty good assessment. Next, we did some shopping — I bought a couple coats and some presents for Hattie. We also visited a thrift store and I found a pretty awesome dress for 140 NOK (about 18 dollars). I have a feeling this is going to be my only good Norwegian shopping stat — oh well!

After shopping, we headed over to the Akerhaus Fortress where we walked the grounds and also toured the Norwegian Resistance Museum. 400,000 Nazi’s occupied Norway during WWII and the country really held their own in resistance throughout the German occupation. Again, this museum was a heavy, but I learned a ton, and I really have a lot of respect for the strong will and ethics of Norway.

After the museum closed, we brought a picnic supper to the Ekeberg sculpture garden, which overlooks the sea.

To wrap up the day, we walked over to the National Opera House. While we’re not opera fans, this place is cool because you can climb up on top of the building and stand on the roof. The building looks like an iceberg, with a ton of penguins (tourists) climbing on it.

Norwegian National Opera House

Our walking stats fell just shy of yesterday’s numbers– 9.41 miles — uff-dah!

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