The Great Revival of Jackson Faction

Why I quit blogging

Hi all,

It’s been almost 4 years since I updated this blog. You will also note that Hattie is almost 4 years old, too. The researcher in me suspects there could be some sort of correlation between these not-so-disparate events. My last post went up when I was still on maternity leave. If you know me, you’ll recall Hattie birth was followed by a full year of work travel, my Mom’s cancer diagnosis, getting a new job, selling a house, moving back to my home state, and buying a new house. Those events, taken together, have changed my life and heart in many ways. I realized when I went to update my ‘about me’ section of the blog that nothing in the description was even accurate ‘about me’ anymore.

However, looking back over my posts, some other things have stayed the same.  We never stopped traveling, which, for the most part, is what I chose to write about. We actually traveled quite a bit as a family of three — Hattie has been on a least a dozen airplane rides.  Yet, the details of the places we took her early in her life, are fuzzy at best. We also hiked a lot. I’ve tracked our hikes a little bit on social media and I’ve purchased several hiking guides since we moved to Duluth.  Last summer, I contemplated writing a memoir.  I even outlined all my chapters and read a few books about ‘how to write a memoir.’  But, I realized it’s just not the right time for a project like this.  I still have a lot of life to live and with a somewhat vague idea of what it takes to write a book,  I also realized it’s not something I should be doing with a small kid at home who likes to spend her weekends outside.

That is what brings me back here to The Jackson Faction.  Blogging has changed somewhat in the time I’ve been gone. Blogger tools have improved and the landscape is quite different.  These days, most blog traffic is driven through Pinterest, instead of search engines and blogger connections. As far as I can tell, blog meet-ups are a thing of the past, although I never really participated in them. Many personal blogs have been abandoned, and those that survived, are more focused on problem-solving and ‘evergreen content,’ which is content that remains useful, even after weeks and years have passed.  Instead of recapping a trip for family and friends, people share ‘travel guides.’ As a frequent traveler and hiker, I love looking for peoples’ actual lived experiences whenever I prepare for upcoming events.  For this reason, my approach will be a little different in this revival.  Thanks for reading.  Looking forward to having you here.

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