Paris: Day 5

Paris Day 5 itinerary Louvre

Bonjour! I am re-writing this post after losing it all when my iPad battery died — whoops.

We slept in until 10 today (9am London time). We purchased Paris Museum passes at the Jewish Museum (strategy: Paris isn’t really known for this particular museum and as such, the line to purchase the museum passes was non-existent). Since we were there and we both have an above average amount of curiosity, we checked it all out, quickly. On our way out, the doorman asked “Did you go in yet?’ After we said “Yes;” he asked, “Did you run?” Hardy har har!

Louvre Paris France

Next we went to the Louvre, which was big and impressive. Did you know the Louvre was once the largest building in the world? It has 12 miles of masterpieces including the mother of all masterpieces — the Mona Lisa. I was surprised how close we were able to get to the painting despite a large crowd of other eager admirers!

Boulangerie Paris France

After a late lunch-early supper at a cafe, we toured Notre-Dame cathedral. The exterior is massive and ornate and the interior was covered in stained glass windows. We had planned to climb the steps to the tower, but it was unexpectedly closed today and tomorrow. Hiking plans quelled again — oh well! Guess we’ll take it easy, we’re on vacation!

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

Next, we hopped on Paris city bus #69 as recommended by the author of our guidebook — Rick Steves. The bus traveled by many of city’s main sites and the book provided a commentary we read along the way. I’m glad we did this, but the bus was really HOT. We were moving slowly through the traffic and there wasn’t any air conditioning — c’st la vie!

That’s all for now — bonsoir!

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