London – Day 2

Well hello everyone! It was a great day in London! Last night, we turned in around 7:30 PM. Both of us woke up around midnight thinking it was morning. We’re staying in the basement of a hotel, so between the lack of windows and the jetlag, it’s understandable how one might get a little confused. We went back to sleep and I woke up again around 8:30 am — ready for a our first full day in the city.

We started out by hopping back on the bus tour we started yesterday. The Original Tour offers a 24 hour hop-on hop-off ticket on a red double decker bus. This once-over, lightly tour allows you to see a lot and learn a little. It also comes with a free boat cruise and a few free walking tours. We took advantage of the city cruise on the river Thames around lunch time. After that, we went back to the hotel to change. The Missourian in me did not trust that it would be as cold as the weather forecast predicted here. Yesterday, it was in the high 50’s and today, it warmed up enough around noon to put a dress on — yay!

Next, we went on the tour of Westminster Abbey. This ancient church, initially build in the 11th century offered an amazing amount of ornate architecture. It also houses of the graves of many famous folk including British royals (Bloody Mary!), famous scientists (Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton), many famous literary folks (Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens) and last but not least, a great composer, Handel — (you know him from the Hallelujah chorus). It amazed me how unprotected the building is from the public and yet I observed hardly and vandalism.

Around 3;30, we were pretty hungry. We went to The Feathers pub, located a few blocks from the Abbey. You can order food at most of London’s pubs by walking up to the bar. I ordered a Brie fondue appetizer to start, followed by my favorite meal in all the world — macaroni and cheese. I ate all of my food AND part of Joe’s food too– he got a chesseburger and chips with coleslaw. I’m not normally a big fan of coleslaw — but this version was made with basil AND dill — yum!

Next, Joe convinced me that we should go to check out Buckingham Palace. For whatever reason, this wasn’t on my list of things I hoped to see, but after seeing it, I’m not sure why. Viewing the font of the palace, I was reminded of a trip to the White House in 8th grade. Unlike DC, there weren’t any protesters or otherwise crazy folk parked out in front of the palace — just a happy crowd who were apt to cheer on command. We saw a bride a groom walk out in front of the palace and the crowd hooted and hollered in celebration. Along with the gauards who were marching back and forth, the palace was certain a site to be seen.

After the palace, our energy was running low. Given that shopping isn’t a very strenuous task, we decided to hit up Herrod’s, London’s luxury department store. While I didn’t get a picture since it was starting to rain, the exterior of the building is quite impressive with a small cathedral dome to boot. Inside, there are many luxury items — I looked at a purse that was on clearance for 900 pounds, marked down from 1,875 pounds. In the basement of the store, there’s a somewhat creepy shrine to the late princess Diana and her lover. It houses a dirty wine glass that she drank out of the night before she died as well as her engagement ring. Aside from pictures of the couple, there is a bronze statue of them touching a flying bird. I believe the store’s owner at the time of Dianna’s death was her lovers father.

On the way home, we hit up a grocery store. For whatever reason, I’ve been really fascinated by all the grocery areas we’ve been in over the last two days. There are so many products that look good enough to try.

We’re back home in the hotel now and getting ready to turn in for the night. We’re staying at Tune hotel Westminster. Pretty sure this room is tiner than every room we’ve ever had on a cruise ship! Two people can hardly stand up in here! But it’s a great location, just a few blocks from the London Eye and Big Ben. And it looks pretty new, so nothing too dirty-loking. No window in here though — not so sure about London’s fire codes? I also don’t have much confidence in the ambulances — they are motorcycles– I”m really uncertain of how or why this is okay! But anywho — the world is a wonder to me, and I am loving the opportunity to see this this special bit of it!

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