Cat Cam

We might be crazy cat people, but I don’t think we are.  I might have more pictures of our cats on Facebook than pictures of myself, but I’m not to the point where I have clothes with cats on them yet or started knitting with cat hair.  I do buy a lot of toys for them like an automatic cat laser or a Cat Sitter DVD.  One of the coolest gadgets I purchased was our wireless camera.


After an incident when one of our cats was locked in a room for a few days without food and water and destroyed the carpet when we were gone, we decided that a security camera would be a good choice to help have a daily headcount to avoid this from happening again. The camera is a D-Link DCS-5010L.  I found a great deal online for it and got it for almost half-price.  It has night vision and when motion is detected, I get a text message and a set of pictures sent to an email account during a certain daily schedule.  I can pan the camera with my phone and hear what is going on.  Basic setup was easy, but the motion sensor and notifications took some advanced configuration but wasn’t too bad.

All it needs to work is a wireless connection and a plugin.  We have moved this all over the house.  It took some time to find a good spot and it was interesting to find that the cats typically stay together throughout the day.  They also have a predictable schedule too.  I highly enjoy this toy.

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